Sorkin Storytelling Style

I love the way Aaron Sorkin tells his stories. From the lang walk/talks in The West Wing to some amazing scenes and dialogue in The West Wing and The Newsroom I've always admired the way in which he structures a scene. Yes, I get that a lot of the work is the director's as he's the one blocking and giving the script life and the actors' who actually say what's on the script.

But whoever you want to point to as the creator of these scenes, I still choose to give credit to the writer who first created the idea and who put them into paper for the rest of the cast and crew to work with.

The Stackhouse Filibuster

The West Wing — Season 2, Episode 17

What Kind of Day Has It Been

The Newsroom — Season 3, Episode 6

Election Night: Part II

The Newsroom — Season 2, Episode 9

The 112th Congress

The Newsroom — Season 1, Episode 3